In this course, you will:

  • Set up a spreadsheet from scratch

  • Learn shortcuts to speed up formatting in Google Sheets

  • Learn advanced formulas to automate routine tasks in Google Sheets

  • Learn how to extract data from Google Calendar to Google Sheets

  • Build templates for collecting data year after year

  • Connect Google Sheets to Google Data Studio

  • Create Dynamic Dashboards in Google Data Studio

  • Use GDS Dashboards to monitor and evaluate your team’s work

  • Create line charts, stacked bar charts and more

  • Start anytime, learn at your own pace.

We will cover the following in this course:

    1. The Why Behind the Work

    2. Take a deeper look at your work

    3. Activity: Tagging your work

    4. Setting up Google Calendar

    5. Google Calendar Settings

    1. First things First: The Spreadsheet

    2. Details Members and Images

    3. Creating calMember Tabs

    4. App Script Code

    5. BONUS! App Script Update

    1. QMember Tab Setup

    2. Query Data from calMember Tabs

    3. Calculating our Queries

    4. Calculating our Queries Part 2

    5. Calculating our Queries Part 3

    6. Combining Member Tabs in one place

    7. Prepping the Data for Visualization Part 1

    8. Spreadsheet formulas and what they mean

    9. Prepping the Data for Visualization Part 2

    1. Looker Studio Layout Changes as of June 20, 2022

    2. Getting Started and Connected with Looker Studio

    3. Designing our Layout

    4. Creating a Line Chart in GDS: Part 2

    5. Creating a Line Chart in GDS: Part 1

    6. Small Multiples Using a Table

    7. Averages with Score Cards

    8. Design Themes and Colors

    9. Adding in Interactivity with Controls

    10. Google Data Studio Introduction Quiz

    1. Creating Pages and Navigation Menus

    2. Detailed Charts Page

    3. Stacked Bar Chart

    4. Gauge Charts and Sparklines

    5. Sharing our GDS Report

    6. Looker Data Studio Quiz 2

    1. Course Completion Survey

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

From those who have taken the course:

“I loved how systematically the course material was organized! It was so easy to follow Chris' instructions for both Google Sheet Queries and Data Studio. And having access to sample data was immensely helpful - it allowed me to create my own dashboards as I moved forward in the course. This may sound trivial but one of my favorite parts of the course was Chris' attention to detail - the formatting tips will transform the aesthetic quality of my reports! Since this Datastudio course is set in an educational context, the learning was so transferrable - I was continuously making notes on what I wanted to share and build for my own school! I highly recommend this course for educators or anyone on Google Workspace who wants to begin visualizing data to make better decisions!”

“Chris is meticulous in explaining the formulas and setup of the various tabs in his example spreadsheets. I love how the training is focused on individuals in the education field.”

“The workshop gave me the impetus to get started with Google Data Studio and visualize data that we have been collecting for years. I now have several projects in the pipeline where we will create actionable visualizations to improve teaching and learning.”

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You will learn how to set up a spreadsheet and incorporate complex formulas for automation. You will also learn how to link your spreadsheet to Google Data Studio to create a functioning dynamic dashboard. By the end of the course, you will have learned skills through practical creation of a project you can use right away in your own work setting.


Instructor Bio:

Chris is an academic data specialist at Singapore American School. He helps school leaders and educators make sense of their data by turning it into information that informs effective decision-making. Chris has 25 years of experience in education. Starting off as an elementary classroom teacher for 17 years, he moved into an educational technology coaching role and eventually found himself helping others be more efficient with their work around data analysis and data literacy. When not jamming out on spreadsheet formulas and chart elements, Chris can be found ascending punchy climbs and bombing down drops in the jungle on his mountain bike.

Chris Smith

Academic Data Specialist