In this course, you will:

  • Set up a spreadsheet from scratch

  • Learn shortcuts to speed up formatting in Google Sheets

  • Learn advanced formulas to automate routine tasks in Google Sheets

  • Learn how to extract data from Google Calendar to Google Sheets

  • Build templates for collecting data year after year

  • Connect Google Sheets to Google Data Studio

  • Create Dynamic Dashboards in Google Data Studio

  • Use GDS Dashboards to monitor and evaluate your team’s work

  • Create line charts, stacked bar charts and more

  • Start anytime, learn at your own pace.

We will cover the following in this course:

  1. 01
    • The Why Behind the Work

    • Take a deeper look at your work

    • Activity: Tagging your work

    • Setting up Google Calendar

    • Google Calendar Settings

  2. 02
    • First things First: The Spreadsheet

    • Details Members and Images

    • Creating calMember Tabs

    • App Script Code

  3. 03
    • QMember Tab Setup

    • Query Data from calMember Tabs

    • Calculating our Queries

    • Calculating our Queries Part 2

    • Calculating our Queries Part 3

    • Combining Member Tabs in one place

    • Prepping the Data for Visualization Part 1

    • Spreadsheet formulas and what they mean

    • Prepping the Data for Visualization Part 2

  4. 04
    • Getting Started and Connected with Google Data Studio

    • Designing our Layout

    • Creating a Line Chart in GDS: Part 1

    • Creating a Line Chart in GDS: Part 2

    • Small Multiples Using a Table

    • Averages with Score Cards

    • Design Themes and Colors

    • Adding in Interactivity with Controls

    • Google Data Studio Introduction Quiz

  5. 05
    • Creating Pages and Navigation Menus

    • Detailed Charts Page

    • Stacked Bar Chart

    • Gauge Charts and Sparklines

    • Sharing our GDS Report

    • Google Data Studio Quiz 2

  6. 06
    • Course Completion Survey

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You will learn how to set up a spreadsheet and incorporate complex formulas for automation. You will also learn how to link your spreadsheet to Google Data Studio to create a functioning dynamic dashboard. By the end of the course, you will have learned skills through practical creation of a project you can use right away in your own work setting.


Instructor Bio:

After being a classroom teacher for 17 years, Chris is now an educational data specialist and coach. He works directly with district administration, coaches, teachers and students. He currently serves on a data team and is in charge of the academic side of data collection. Chris is a Google Innovator, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and an Apple Professional Learning Specialist. He has a passion for making the lives of teachers easier by creating automated systems for mundane tasks. He is a life-long learner and continues to search for new innovations to allow both teachers and students to be creative. In his spare time, he enjoys curling up next to a good spreadsheet.

Chris Smith

Data & Innovation Specialist